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Moffatdale’s Golden Jubilee (50 years)
(Taken from the Hub Rattles in the local Newspaper)
The Jubilee was on held in October, 1965 one of the hottest days in its existence. The large crowd were determined not to let the weather interfere with the celebrations, particularly the older people, who weathered the heat like westerners.
Celebrations were a credit to the organising committee headed by the energetic Richard O’Neill. The programme was both commemorative and entertaining.
The cavalcade of Transport, the roll call of first day pupils, and the history of the school read by four present day pupils made it a memorable day. Along with a Jubilee cake made and iced by Edna O’Neill and the museum of school records in the classroom were outstanding.
The golden jubilee held a nostalgic note for many present, one of whom was Mrs H O’Neill whose father, Mr Rail was president of the first school committee. Her son Richard O’Neill was on the committee for the celebration and his wife Edna made and iced the cake.
Flies and Heat did not Hamper Moffatdale School’s Jubilee
(an extract from a local newspaper)
The flies and heat didn’t stop the people of Moffatdale attending the Golden Jubilee celebrations in October 1965.
In above century temperatures they participated in a very well organized and entertaining programme to mark 50 years of education in this prosperous South Burnett farming district.
Former head teacher at the Moffatdale State School, from April 1, 1918 to December 12, 1919, Miss L.E. Eustance (now Mrs Cahill of Beaudesert) calls the roll of “first dayer’s” at the school’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. Five first day pupils answered the roll. They were Mrs L Middlebrook ( Lillian Rippingale) of Palmwoods,  Reg Dietz of Kilkivan,  Cyril Hetherington of Goomeri, Gus Bischoff  of Tansey and Ed Bischoff, Murgon.
Highlight of the day was the arrival of first five day pupils in a horse drawn dray- a mode of transport well known in 1915.
The day’s celebrations commenced with a sports programme in the morning. An interesting feature of the celebration was a cavalcade of Transport, depicting the means of transport used to transport the students to the school during the 50 years since its establishment. There was the horse, the horse and dray, the bicycle, the car and the school bus.
A very comprehensive history of the school prepared by Moffatdale pioneer Mr H L Haager, was read by four present day pupils, Julie Sippel, Karen Kapernick, Lloy Zanow and Carol Mollenhauer.
A magnificent two tier Golden Jubilee cake made and iced by Mrs Edna O’Neill was cut by Mrs Middlebrook (nee Lillian Rippingale) on behalf of the first day pupils.
Three of the Moffatdale district’s best known residents Messers Frank Sippel, Harry O’Neill and Harry Haager planted three wattle trees.
Official guests included the Minister for Works and Housing Mr J Bjelke Petersen and Mrs Petersen; Sir James Heading; Mr R H Costin, district inspector of schools; Cr J Krebs, chairman of the Murgon Shire Council; Crs W.A. Kapernick and J Sippel divisional members of the Murgon Shire Council; Mrs L.E. Cahill, Mr W.J. Henderson who taught at the school from 1935 – 1937 and the five first day pupils.
The Moffatdale School which was first known as the Caulfield School, was opened in November 1915 with Miss Elise Ellen Bow as the first teacher. Miss Bow is deceased. The members of the first school committee were Messers John Bischoff, Walter James Bisdee, George Thomas Hetherington, Michael McGuire, William Rail, Wilfred Owen Rippingale and Thomas Edward Smith.
The  executive of the P & C Committee at that time was President- Richard O’Neill, Secretary – Mr G.E. Zanow, Vice President – Mr V.E. Litzow, and Treasurer – Mr R.E. Mollenhauer. The Principal was Byron Samios.

Moffatdale’s 75th Celebration  (extract from the local newspaper)
Moffatdale Memories
The 75th celebrations of the Moffatdale State School were held on Saturday 27th October,        1990 with nearly 500 former students and teachers present.
The school gates opened at 10:00am and many were able to register and catch up with their past by looking at memorabilia, photographs, displays and through conversation.
Souvenirs, including a recipe book compiled by people associated with the school and a history book of the school proved popular with the crowd. There were also glasses, mugs, calendars and pens for sale.
Barbeques and refreshment stalls were operating throughout the day.
The Official opening began at 1:30pm.
The school captains Lauralea Louis and Trevor Hogan, welcomed official guests and visitors to the celebration. The school students sang “Advance Australia Fair”
The Chairman of the committee Mr Murray Sippel, said it was wonderful to see so many past students attend the celebration.
Invited guests included the Regional Director at the time Mr Ron Hickling, the Inspector of Schools, Mr Peter Mulcahy, the Member for Barambah, Mr Trevor Perrett and Murgon Shire Chairman, Cr Bill Roberts.
Mr Trevor Perrett said, “School reunions were always happy events, they take a lot of work.”  He congratulated the initiative of the committee which organized the day. “The fact the school has remained open for 75 years is an achievement in itself.  There used to be about 70 schools in this District, now there are 27 in the whole electorate. Many have closed because they couldn’t keep up the numbers.  Moffatdale has been the nerve centre within the local community.”
Cr Bill Roberts said, “Many of the pioneers of the Murgon Shire have come from Moffatdale.  The people of Moffatdale have given the shire the stability it has.  It makes you wonder what change is all about. Look at the recipe book available today. They’re all tried and true recipes which show’s there’s nothing wrong with the old way of life. Today is a day for enjoying nostalgia.”
Mr Ron Hickling said, “The anniversary was an important day in the life of the school. It is an opportunity to honour the achievements of the students who have gone through the school and a time to celebrate the things which have happened in their lives and their successes since they left Moffatdale.”
He said, “the school buildings had changed physically, with the first school being a hall.” He also said, “Greater changes in technology were in the pipeline. You will find in the next five years major changes.”
 Schools to date have been influenced by school committees but soon, I believe people will have a lot more say as members of school councils.  The Education Minister is on the verge of ratifying school councils in 1991.
Mr Ron Hickiling said, “The education of children was a co-operative venture. The business of educating your children belongs to both families and schools.”
Mr Peter Mulcahy presented a commemorative plaque to the school on behalf of the Minister for Education, Mr Paul Braddy. The plaque was received by the Principal at the time Miss Judith Gee and first day pupil, Mr Reg Deitz. 
Mr Peter Mulcahy said, “His association with the Moffatdale School went back twenty years when he was Principal of Redgate. I remember the times we used to join Moffatdale for cricket.”
After the speeches, the anniversary cake made and iced by Mrs Edna O’Neill was cut by Mr Reg Deitz and the youngest student Lyle Hasselbach.
The rest of the afternoon was spent playing games such as potato and sack races, broom throwing, tug of war and iron man competitions.
The day culminated with a pig on a spit and a concert featuring former students, Kerri and Dean Perrett.
Moffatdale's 100th Year Celebrations
MSS 100.JPG 
Watch this space :-)